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      Tasha Tudor was transformed from an ordinary farmer's house with a total area of 1,300 square feet. Breaking the inherent rule structure, a small window with a patchwork on the large white wall. Adapted to local conditions, combined with the endless green organic farms, through the design of the large window to reflect the green into the room, symbiosis and ecology are everywhere. The designer retains the original tiled roof and beams, and the exterior is painted with a layer of earthy paint. In the design of the room, the white wall is combined with the wooden material, the space becomes natural and pure, with modern and simple decoration, decorated with brass furniture, reflecting the low-key and elegant, enhancing the overall temperament of the room. The designer gave the building three senses of ceremonies, the design of the bird cage door, the design of the Tingbu walkway, and the design of the “wooden box”. Cleverly integrate people, things and space, so that the space is no longer monotonous but related to each other, reflecting design thinking everywhere.

      Project Imaformation
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