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      Putting aside the traditional concept of traditional homestays, the host hopes that the homestay can meet the needs of swimming pools, bars, and art spaces. Due to the limitations of the original space, the designers Shen Mo and Zhang Jianyong analyzed the plan and decided to demolish the whole building and reconstruct a new modern building.

      The concept of "a tree in the water" was interpreted and reorganized to allow the building to grow freely like a tree and full of vitality in response to the beautiful scenery of Mogan Mountain. The choice of materials and the way of interspersing the structure make the building pure and independent in the environment, eliminating the impact of the surrounding environment.

      On each part of the roof of the building, plants grow naturally and the colors escape the frame. It is full of vitality and agility against the pure white exterior wall. From time to time, it corresponds to the shadow of the trees reflected on the wall, showing a unique, dynamic Combined natural scene.

      The courtyard is surrounded by the water system. The building is like floating in the water. From the swimming pool to the Tingbu walkway and the continuously flowing waterfall in the wall, the circulation and circulation between each other. The designer hopes that the building can grow infinitely in the water and give life and nature strength.

      Project Imaformation
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