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      The building of "ZHU · 85" is white in color, combined with the traditional "white wall and black tile" tradition of Jiangnan to innovate and integrated into the local building complex. The designer stacked the "wood cubes" one by one to make the building's fa?ade have a sense of composition, and made a layer of internal retreat, using wood finishes and transparent glass materials to draw out the originally closed space. The balcony expands the horizon and strengthens the sense of hierarchy for the space.

      The original old building was piled with bricks. In order to better communicate with history, the designer retained the piled shape and made a hollow structure to become a modeling wall.

      The public area on the first floor is divided into a kitchen, a reading area, and a sofa seating area. The overall color of the space is full of natural simplicity. The designer hopes to come here to stop people and feel the natural atmosphere.

      There were only 5 rooms in 85. July, but each one is uniquely designed. To ensure that each room can maximize the view of the distant landscape, the designer uses large floor-to-ceiling glass. You can also let the landscape reflect into the room, as if the beautiful scenery in the distance is in front of you.

         Each room type has its own characteristics. Moon white intersperses wooden blocks with the wall to form an arched shape. At the same time, it also subtly divides the leisure area, restaurant area, bedroom area and bathroom area. sense.

      Project Imaformation
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