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           走進這間服裝品牌辦公室,猶如走進一間冥想的場所,白色大理石與乳膠漆的材質結合與碰撞,充滿了各種幻想與無限可能。 整個空間的設計理念從一條白色的裙子、月光以及T臺延伸而來,空間呈現出極簡與清新的感受,與主人的實用主義理念相契合。

           Walking into this clothing brand office is like walking into a place of meditation. The combination of white marble and latex paint material is full of all kinds of fantasy and endless possibilities. The design concept of the whole space extends from a white skirt, moonlight and T-station. The space presents a minimalist and fresh feeling, which is consistent with the owner's pragmatic concept.

      Project Imaformation
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