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      茶室改造前存在著不透光、封閉和建筑老舊等問題。設計師沈墨和陶建浦在與業主溝通和對茶室的了解分析后,他們希望能夠打破傳統,同時又保留傳統,達到文化與建筑的共生目的。正如客戶所希望的那樣 —“一個用風景讀客的地方”。


      Since ancient times, pine trees have been in a spirit of perseverance, fear of the wind and frost, and the four seasons. Designers Shen Mo and Tao Jianpu use "song" as the theme to extract design elements from pine, pine cone and pine needles. Combining the background of Songtai Group with rosin as the origin, injecting "Song Soul" into the hotel and the whole building, and combining pine Yang local traditional architecture and modern architecture create a new experience space with content. Traditional culture and modern quality collide with each other to form a dialogue spanning time and space.

      Project Imaformation
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